Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ten Most Harmful Books, And Seven Great Movies

Via Human Events Online (an uber-conservative publication), here are the ten most harmful books of the 19th & 20th centuries. Offered without comment.

While on lists, here are the seven best political films we've seen, and highly recommend (for seeing again & again, that is):

1. Apocalypse Now
2. The Dancer Upstairs
3. Ardha Satya
4. The Quiet American
5. The Last Emperor
6. The Killing Fields
7. The Year of Living Dangerously


Closethisaccount said...

Thanks for that link, The commentary accompanying choice No. 10 - Keynes was a bit preposterous though...

doubtinggaurav said...

Looking at the film list

Most of them are dark.

Is there no joy in the life

Primary Red said...

Much too much darkness in our politics these days, isn't there? It's Kaliyuga afterall!

doubtinggaurav said...

Politics was always

It is our middle class naivety, which makes us assume (wrongly, I may say) that politics was any better at any point of time


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