Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Invite Mukhtaran Mai To The White House

The Acorn alerts us to the infuriating treatment of Mukhtaran Mai by Pervez Musharraf's tyranny -- one that claims to practice "enlightened moderation". The ostensible reason for this: the need to protect Pakistan's image.

With his very significant New York Times column, Nicholas Kristof has demolished this outrageous Pakistani "strategy". We especially endorse what he asks of President Bush:

So, Mr. Bush, how about asking Mr. Musharraf to focus on finding Osama, instead of kidnapping rape victims who speak out? And invite Ms. Mukhtaran to the Oval Office - to show that Americans stand not only with generals who seize power, but also with ordinary people of extraordinary courage.

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Nitin said...

I'm not very optimistic.
As Bush himself acknowledged to Kang, such meetings, although heartening to activists, will surely aggravate the leaders of repressive countries. In the North Korean case, it could complicate or even derail the latest attempts to coax Kim back to multinational negotiations over his nuclear weapons program. So far, Bush has focused his attentions largely on activists from countries with which he is already openly hostile, while those from allies such as Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have not won Oval Office invitations.[WP]


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