Friday, June 10, 2005

One Can't Make This Up

Via Hindustan Times, we learn that a certain Moorthy Muthuswamy of New York based Indian-American Intellectuals Forum has objected to Jet Airways being given a license to fly into the US.

The newspaper quotes from his letter to US Secretary of Transportation, Norm Mineta, to whom he suggests that the airline's numerous Muslim employees might constitute a potential threat to US national security?! Speaking of the proportion of Muslims at the airline, he apparently writes:

I suspect it is well over 50 per cent. (In India Muslims constitutes only 14 per cent of the population and have the highest illiteracy rates). This statistics is clear giveaway, perhaps confirming its jihadi connections.

Wow! We don't hold any brief for Jet Airways, and our contempt for jihadi terrorists is well chronicled on this blog. But for Mr. Muthuswamy to make allegations as serious as this based apparently on how many Muslims work at Jet Airways is stunning & offensive, to say the least.

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Laks said...

Dr. Murthy is one loonie chap who offered to become the dear leader of India after a military coup inorder to tackle the islamic problem.


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