Saturday, June 11, 2005

A Shameful Display

Via Michelle Malkin, here's an image of a highly shameful protest in Calcutta. This kind of behavior dishonors India, and we hope that community leaders will apologize for this really foolish conduct.


Ashish Gupta said...

Very true. Some how the way of protests by muslim fundamentalists towards alleged desecration of Quaran is by desecrating American Flag and Constitution including burning, flushing in toilet and as you metioned, by urinating on it. What is this way of demanding honors for their items of worship by dishonoring someelse's items of worship?

Patrix said...

despicable behavior indeed. I bet India's PR ppl will have nothing to do in response.Damn!

Laks said...

Since BJP is not in power, these fundies have no one else to protest against. Ergo, the anti-american protest! A bunch of dead-enders to quote Rummy!


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