Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Debating Via Blogs

We began our blogging experiment late last year -- after years of prodding by our co-blogger Pragmatic, a superstar in the Silicon Valley desi constellation. Needless to say, the experiment has been extremely gratifying for the ideas we've discussed and the friends we've made.

For all this good that blogging represents, it has startling weaknesses too. Take the matter of debating issues. While blog-driven debates are rich, provocative, and unafraid, the ideas they rake up get lost in a matter of days. Besides, they are buried deep in the comments section of blogs.

Pragmatic thinks the solution is to commingle (somehow) WIKIs & blogs. The theory is that the blog will enable a debate which the WIKI can structure & archive.

We welcome thoughts on this idea, especially from prolific bloggers with many of whom we debate so much!


Govar said...

I like thee idea well, but sometimes debates are just totally spoiled by anonymous posters who take on the person rather than the post. But then, lets look at the positive side. :)

shaun said...

Simply get WordPress or MovableType or some such software on a server space of your own. Use categories to categorise your pet topics. And use "pages" rather than posts to introduce new comers to the debate on an isue in your blog, along with all links leading to archives.


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