Saturday, August 20, 2005

Et Tu, Rezwan?

Recently, Rezwan accused us unfairly of generalizing our hatred for Muslims. He wrote:

You people can't get this thing off your head. There is no Islamist terrorism. There is terrorism of some f***ed up Islamists in the name of Islam.

In other words, he objected to our attaching the tag Islamist (not Muslim, not Islamic -- but Islamist) to the word terrorism.

We answered the charge and moved on. Then, much to our surprise, we read this in his recent post on the Bangladeshi bombings:

All the evidences and confessions of some nabbed terrorists point at the banned Islamic extremist Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), who carried out Wednesday's countrywide bombings.

So, it's OK for Rezwan to use the tag Islamic to describe these monsters, but it isn't for us to tag their terrorist soulmates outside Bangladesh with a more precise tag, Islamist? Hmmm.


preston936sheldon said...
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Vulturo said...

A dangerous wave of political correctness has swept the world. You can't call a terrorist a terrorist anymore - you have to call them 'bombers', in case you offend the Islamic fundamentalists. People have been using the word Islamist as an acronym for ISLAMic TerrorIST, and that seems to 'offend' some people


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