Monday, August 22, 2005

Dr. Singh And Naxals

Indian Express hails Dr. Singh's call that Naxals prove their popularity through the test of democracy.

We like Dr. Singh and his call sounds reasonable but it reflects an enduring naivete of the Indian soul -- that even such rabid killers as the Naxals can be rehabilitated in the broader sweep of our all-embracing democracy.

We strongly dissent with this view. Only smash-mouth strategies work with these monsters. They don't care about our democracy -- they've got a mafia-like extortion racket working that brings them money, guns, publicity, criminal power, and other very material things. If they were to settle their so-called grudges, where does it leave them and the elaborate terrorist lives they've built for themselves?

Dr. Singh, pick up the gun -- please quit exhorting these animals to become human.


airrahul said...

Primary Red, you're definitely right about how India's gov'ts at the national, state, and local levels need to deal with these Naxals. That "Indian naivete" you mention assumes that the Naxals are a political party or "faction" that got violent. Yet such an assumption, as you said, ignores their huge mafia-like liquor racket (why do the Andhra Naxals want a "ban on liquor sales"?), gun-running, extortion of villager and dora alike, and God knows what other horrible things they do.

Dr. Singh's proposal is like FDR asking Al Capone and other Chicago [i]mafioso[/i] to run for Mayor in the 1930s. However well meant, it is ridiculuous and ignores the fact that these Naxals have murdered, vandalized, stolen, and worse. Like any criminals, they must be hunted down. If they refuse to turn themselves in to the police and are killed in "hot pursuit" or as a result of "self defense" after firing on police officers, so be it. And, once arrested, every single one must be given a full, public, and prompt trial.

Anything short of treating them as the law deems would be disastrous. Sadly, that seems to be the Congress' modus operandi, especially if the groups of concern can act as a votebank.

doubtinggaurav said...


Right on the mark. Contrary to popular perception (romantic yet foolish), Naxalites and other thougs are not misguided "angry young men", but people with a vicious agenda to subvert our nation.

Gameboys said...

PR, you are right on the money about what should be done with Naxals. However, it is baffling how we can go on condoning such blunders, just because Dr Singh is a man of 'integrity'?

Remember that the Congress govt in AP has all but caved in to these murderers, and is in fact, in an enduring honeymoon with them. TDP workers and suspected police informers alike have been murdered with impunity. Is Singh unaware of this? Or is this a policy that is being dictated by Sonia Gandhi and company (with lots of crap advice, no doubt)? The last time I went home (to an Orissa town on the AP border), a shop-keeper was shot to death from point blank range as he was suspected to be an informer.

Sorry, no clean chit for our PM anymore - he's just becoming plain incapable now, even if it's not because of his own doing. He's got to get tough, or step aside.

airrahul said...

Gameboys, you're so right about Dr. Singh being given enough chances. I don't know why you guys continue to put up with him. IMO, to avoid situations like this, India should adopt a presidential system.


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