Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mahmoud And Manmohan

Via BBC, India renews historic Afghan ties

Correspondent Sanjoy Majumdar writes about Dr. Manmohan Singh's visit to Kabul:

When Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh steps off his aircraft in Afghanistan on Sunday, he will be hoping to strengthen his country's historic ties with that country.

It is the first visit to the country by an Indian prime minister for 29 years.

... one of the key moments of Manmohan Singh's visit will be the laying of the foundation stone of the country's new parliamentary building, built by India.

India which plays on its strong tradition of democracy is keen to be seen to be strengthening democratic institutions in a country, fragmented and torn by ethnic rivalries.

Mahmoud of Ghazni came to India on a brutal steed and a thousand years of on-going war followed. Manmohan of Delhi gets to return the favor by offering democracy to Afghanistan.

Chalk one up in history for India's plural civilization!

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libertarian said...

Even more impressive when you consider he's Manmohan of Gah , what-is-today-Pakistan (and who knows what it might be tomorrow) :-)


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