Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bangladesh Bombings

Via BBC, Bombs explode across Bangladesh .

Perhaps the root-cause crowd would like to explain what Israeli, Indian, or American crime lies behind this terror directed at ordinary Muslims in Bangladesh?

Hopefully it will soon dawn on these naive terror-apologists that terrorists seek no political goals -- rather, they only seek murder and mayhem, because they only know murder and mayhem.


phucker said...

Apologists will find something or the other to apologise for. It could be because maybe the last B'deshi Governmental action tilted 0.00001% in favour of India/USA/Israel/Liberty/Justice/Against-Fundamentalist-Militant-Islam.

Basically terror-apologists love to use The Purity of The Victim as much as they can. They'll find something or the other to be victimised for...

doubtinggaurav said...

I thought Islamic fundamentalist in Bangladesh are fighting to further Islamize the country and destruct any remaining vestige of Hindu traditions


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