Sunday, August 07, 2005


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace recently hosted a panel discussion on Pakistan, the featured speaker being Husain Haqqani promoting his new book Pakistan: Between Mosque And Military.

His comments are available on streaming audio here.

What's striking in all such discussions is the excellent diagnosis of Pakistan's problems but no real solutions to resolving these. Too bad.


history_lover said...

So what is your solution ?
Bomb and occupy all Muslim lands and enforce your will on them or support people willing to act as your puppets ? Bomb people and say Qops !!! Sorry !! and go on doing that ?
Highlight all such people on screen and press DELETE ?
Or modify religion to progress ?
People take time out for prayers and fast during Ramadan .so productivity suffers and the country's march towards "Progress" suffers ala Borguoiba in Tunisia ?
The world is full of injustice and is still dominated by the adage might is right.

Primary Red said...

No, my friend. The only people who currently occupy the so-called Muslim lands are Muslim tyrants.

For example, more Muslims died in the 20th century at the behest of Saddam Hussain than anyone else.

A Muslim genocide occured in Bangladesh at Muslim hands before non-Muslims intervened and stopped it.

In Iraq today, scores of Muslims die daily at the hands of Muslim killers who kill indiscriminately.

No one has any desires on Muslim lands -- but, in this interconnected world, extremist cancer in one place can hurt others elsewhere. Sovereignity cannot be an excuse of allowing such extremism to fester.

If Muslims were to take matters in their own hands, and overturn the tyrannies that hold them captive & threaten the world, no one would be happier than the neo-conservatives. Alas, this is not imminent, and given sentiments such as yours, not even considered reasonable.

Well, if modernity cannot come via persuasion, than it will have to be enforced. This is about self-defence for the rest of us -- which includes you too (because if terrorists attack Delhi, you too will be in the line fire, Muslim or not).

Best regards.

Kaunteya said...

This is a good one..

Primary Red said...

Great link, kaunteya.


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