Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Our Friends, The Pakistanis

Via BBC, Khan 'gave N Korea centrifuges'

Via BBC, Madrassas resist regulation drive

Via Indian Express, Pak SC upholds death sentence for ‘Indian spy’


libertarian said...

Disgraceful. They lack the most basic tools of a functioning government. Musharraf cuts a really pathetic figure trying to douse one fire after the other in his tragicomic commando style. I've lost count of the number of times he's had his mug on PTV, announcing that he's just about fed up and he's gonna do something about the latest "issue" that "gives Pakistan a bad name". He should start by getting the hell back to the barracks where he belongs.

Their judiciary is a joke. It "upholds" a death sentence for an Indian "spy" as that's popular. It has not said a word about Mukhtaran Mai, or Dr Shazia in Balochistan, or the countless honor killings. I wonder how many in Pakistan know they are entitled to due process. Musharraf certainly made a mockery of their judiciary by handing out extra-judicial pardons to the merchant of terror. That fool was neither tried, nor convicted, but received a (pre-emptive) presidential pardon. It's frustrating to see one of our own have to suffer through these kangaroo courts and incompetent judges, under the pretence of receiving justice. This is where Manmohan needs to prove that India has indeed gained leverage of this Punjabistan/Balochistan/Sindhustan/Baltistan entity.

One Pakistani journalist (Ejaz Haider) said it right: the world watches Pakistan because it scares it; the world watches India because it interests it.

Primary Red said...

Great observation by Ejaz Haider.


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