Sunday, July 17, 2005

Answering A Contemptible Charge

Rezwan responded to our recent post Vinod Mehta On Terrorism with an astonishing diatribe where he accuses us ("you people") of generalizing our hatred against all the Muslims, thereby dishonoring the struggles of these (anti-radical) majority against the radicals.

He also suggests that by taking a hardline view of Islamist terror (which he denies exists, wow!), we risk letting the backlash grow, thereby placing all the browns in trouble.

The last suggestion is profoundly racist. We don't see ourselves part of any "brown ummah" requiring us to hide from the truth out of a "solidarity of fear" with the communities where recent Islamist terrorists have come from.

Rezwan's ridiculous accusation of our generalizing our hatred against all Muslims comes from our unequivocal rejection of the root-cause arguments -- which too many moderate Muslims and their liberal allies are, alas, too quick to offer. Those who accuse us of hatred should take their words back because we have rejected the root-cause logic not just in the case of Islamist terror, but also in the case of Hindutva terror (in Gujarat). As evidence we offer this January post (written upon the release of Justice Banerjee report absolving the Muslims accused of the Godhara arson which spawned the subsequent mass Muslim lynchings at Hindu hands). We wrote:

We think this obsession with cause & effect -- or better put, root cause & effect -- is wrong. In this context, even if there was perfidy by some Muslim hoodlums (a claim Justice Banerjee disputes), we still cannot find any justification for what followed. No root cause can ever justify deliberate murder of innocent human beings.

We stand by the logic of these words and they apply to all people. This root-cause rationalization for utter depravity has already gone too far. It's time to call it for what it is: a rationalization for evil.

It's one thing to debate an issue, but to accuse us of hatred is beyond the pale. How dare somebody think they can level such a disgraceful charge and not expect a harsh response? How dare they?


Rezwan said...

I think you have missed the whole point of my post which you have linked in the last post. And I guess you do not read my blog.

"a rationalization for evil." - Are you suggesting that I , or whom you call liberals ever said that killing innocent people is justified? Those who justifies it are not true Muslims. And by tagging Islam to terror, people are aggrevating the situation.

And for Gods sake wake up! There are many branches of Islams. There are Shiites, Sunnis, Ahmadis. The problem with this Jihadism grew with the Wahabbi & Deobondi schools. Deobondis happened to originate from India itself.

There is a constant clash between the Wahabbi & Deobondis with other sects of Muslims because they are the hardliners which do not allow sufism & shrine culture which is so widely popular in the Muslims of the subcontinent and elsewhere.

So I would request you not to Genralize Islam and tag terrorism to it.

And your accusation that we do not say anything against the hardliners actions towards the non-Muslims is wrong. I would request you to know the truth before tagging me with the Islamist terrorism.

So you see I am against generalization. Had you said specifically about Deobondis or wahabbis then it would have had some justification.

doubtinggaurav said...

It was amusing to see
secular - right and secular -
liberal fighting it out.....

way to go ....

Laks said...

rezwan: I think Primary Red was being careful when he referred to as Islamist terror and NOT Islamic terror. As you may know, the first one refers to any one who uses (misinterprets, if you will) Islamic teachings to achieve his political goals (violent or otherwise). This includes everyone from Salafists who are in Iraq to Taleban in Afghanistan and the Wahabbis in SA. Each of them might have a different political agenda but their underlying cause is similar. If you call this generalization, so be it.

Primary Red said...

Thank you, Laks for pointing this put. We were surprised that Rezwan didn't himself pick this up.

Best regards.


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