Tuesday, August 09, 2005


We read, via Sify, that some Mumbai-residents are taking the government to court for what they say is the failure of the government to protect their lives and property during the recent rains.

Good. This is exactly what we had argued for when we had accused our society, and its proxy our government, of Cheapening Lives To Reduce Their Cost. We closed there by saying:

Is there a solution? Well, for one, if we had a robust tort system, it'd be a good start. Maybe we can't avert dying in bunches but we can impose really harsh cost on whoever is responsible. This will surely increase the cost of our lives but it will enhance their value as well.

Perhaps Mumbai will take a lead in this. We hope the people of the city will sue for serious damage and extract a precedent-setting punitive award from the government. Sure, it isn't all the government's fault, but they are at least partly to blame and we know their address. So, Mumbai, how about serving your government a tsunami of summons? Don't settle for the pathetic compensation packages they will offer. Beat them in court and show India a new way of doing things.

[Sify link courtesy The Acorn]


doubtinggaurav said...


Government is supposed to represent people.
So suing government isn't the same thing as suing ourselves.
It will not effect the culprits (in this case venal and incompetent executive and legislature),as they are not really payign it, it is the public which will be paying it

doubtinggaurav said...

Please read second sentence as

"So isn't suing government the same thing as suing ourselves"

Rishi Gajria said...

It's high time someone in Bombay did something. The affairs of the state goverment has been an absolute farce for the last ten years, and Bombay aka Mumbai is their bitch. The city's infrastructure is at breaking point and one wonders if the city will simply sink under its own weight.
On the other hand, the goverment seems more interested in changing names and re-christening places and inducting more people into the coalition.
The Shiv Sena appears to have reached its zenith. The party is imploding. I suppose it was a matter of time. The cult of personality that is Balasaheb will not live much longer and his son and nephew are mere shadows in the game of identity and politics of regionalism.


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