Thursday, April 28, 2005

Would Be Comic If It Weren't So Tragic

Rezwan links to this ridiculous press release from Odhikar, supposedly a Bangladeshi human-rights organization. In this, Odhikar attributes all manner of evil to India.

Before assailing its foolish assertions, lets first mock its inability to perform basic spell-check. Here's a direct quote:

Seventy six people were killed by BSF and Indkan miscreants fvom 1 January, 2004 to 31 December 2004. During same period,/35 people were knjured, 9 were arrested and 73 were abducted while 5 incidents of snatching took place by BSF.

Now, lets look at Odhikar's claims. Check out this gem:

The gravest situation developed in the border areas during push-in attempts of BSF. Bangla speaking minority Indian citizens were brought in from various provinces of India by BSF in the Indo-Bangladesh border. Branding them as illegal Bangladeshis, BSF tried to push these people inside Bangladesh territory through various parts of the border areas. This has created tense and inhuman situation. Among these groups, majority were female and children whom BSF positioned in front of push-in groups as shield against resistance from Bangladesh border force BDR. Push-in attempts were made at the dead of night, early morning and in cold weather. The fateless Indian people caught stranded in the no-man's land in between weapons of border security forces of two neighbouring countries without food and water for long time. In most of the instances, BDR pushed these people back into Indian territory but they were not allowed to move from border areas by Indian BSF. Most of these people belong to low-income group and were forced to live in inhuman condition in border areas. Odhikar thinks that attempt of push-in of Bangla speaking Indian citizens might cause large scale border conflict anytime between the two neighbouring countries.

Per Odhikar, it isn't Bangladeshi migrants who are invading India by the millions, rather it's India that is attempting ethnic-cleansing on Indian Bengalis. Oh boy!!

After you've picked up your gaping jaw off the floor, click here to see what might one day happen if India were to ignore this unacceptable Bangladeshi mass migration -- just visualize the linked billboard by replacing Los Angeles and Mexico with Calcutta and Bangladesh respectively. (link via Michelle Malkin).

If India doesn't address this menace now, Odhikar's worst fears may indeed come true. This situation might turn into a large scale border conflict between the two neighboring countries -- if this happens, one thing is certain: it won't turn out good for Bangladesh.

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