Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Christian Science Monitor: Lazy Writing, Bigoted Thought

The ordinarily terrific Christian Science Monitor has run this terrible editorial today on the Indo-Pak "peace" process.

There's nothing particularly notable about this editorial. Similar thought, seemingly everywhere, has drowned out sensible thinking in recent days. There is, however, a profoundly illiterate and deeply offensive section in the editorial that merits being called out for what it is, lazy and bigoted.

India can't let this moment slip, nor just string Pakistan along. It must make trust-building concessions, such as on a proposed dam that would restrict water flow to Pakistan. Largely Hindu India must eventually be flexible in redefining the status of largely Muslim Kashmir.

Shame on you, CSM for such bigotry. What makes you think that religious affiliation determines a people's nationality? You may wish to re-read US' own constitution to comprehend why India, that shares similar values, cannot accept your absurd suggestion. We hope an apology is forthcoming.

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