Friday, April 15, 2005

Musharraf, Stay Home

Indian bloggers are united in protesting Musharraf's upcoming visit to Delhi, ostensibly to watch a cricket match. Please join our protest by displaying the graphic above on your own blogs by clicking here. Also, please drop a note, via comments, if you're joining our protest.

Our kudos to Nitin, Shanti, varnam, Sandeep, Jagadish, India Defence, Niket Kaisare, Patrix, Akash, Quizman, Vulturo, Rojnamcha, Communism Watch,, Marwadi, Suren, Transport Phenomena, Null Pointer, Rajagopal, and everyone else involved in this important campaign.


Patrix said...

My "tribute" will be up at 12:05am EST. However, I have ranted on a lot...hope that doesn't distract.

makash said...

Have added my objection to my blog

Its nice to know that there are others who think similarly about this whole fiasco.

Quizman said...


Vulturo said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your views, and have joined in the protest


Abhi said...

It is great that Indian bloggers have taken up a good cause. I think this is helping the similar minded Indiang Bloggers get out of the closet and join hands with each other.
How about starting a formal alliance of Indian Bloggers who have Indian's true interest at mind. Mail me at abhi6969 at if you wanna do more about organizing the Indian Bloggers. Maybe we could start something.

Amrit said...

I don't think it's wise to protest Musharraf's visit. The last thing we need is isolate him. If we cannot overthrow him by hook or by crook, the best way to maintain peace in this part of the globe is to be in good terms with him. I don't mean India should stoop in front of him, but, like we keep brute animals pacified by giving them their favorite food, we can tame Musharraf by being good to him.

Another benefit of being good to him is, he's forced to be good to us, to at least some extent :-).

amit said...

Dear Amrit

I also love peace and actually believe peace is the only solution to INDO-PAK issue. But welcoming MUSHY with garlands who de facto plan the Kargil intrusion is way too much.

A country which exists only on its hatred towards INDIA cannot have lasting peace.

If there is peace between India and Pakistan ,Pakistan losses its purpose of existence.

So lets pray for a miracle when the US takes over the Pak administration and handed over to a UN administrated body with an eventual merger with India or a separate buffer state.

I know this might sound improbable at this juncture but mark my words for 2020.

Will love to hear junta’s feedback on same at




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