Thursday, April 21, 2005

Christian Science Monitor: Exquisite Timing, NOT

See this CSM article on the glory of Indian Railways published the same day as, what Nitin calls, the world's largest terrorist network has killed more people.

A brief aside to acknowledge Patrix's concern about Indian blogosphere's linking patterns. Some of this likely has to do with the prolificacy and consistency of various bloggers. This is to say, if a blogger writes a lot and well, one can always find a good post on his/her blog to link to -- for adding color to a story the linking blogger might independently have interest in. At least, this is clearly the case in our linking preferences.

On the rail accident story, for example, of all those blogs we read daily, including Nerve Endings Firing Away, only The Acorn (who we link to a great deal) has (predictably) written about it, and written well. Therefore, the link.

Nevertheless, Patrix makes a good point -- perhaps one resolution could be for blog readers to alert the blogger (via comments, for example) of other bloggers with interesting takes on the topic at hand. This will likely make the bloggers in question click through to these other blogs, thereby discovering more great writing they simply weren't aware of.

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Patrix said...

Thanks for taking this discussion forward. I had hoped to hear more from the prolific Indian bloggers but guess that might have to wait for another day.


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