Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What Rough Beast ...

Via Asia Times, Syed Saleem Shahzad warns about a brewing Revolution in the Pakistani mountains

The Taliban, having taken Waziristan, are now slouching towards Islamabad.

While war rolls down the mountains, naive Indian students march to Pakistan with letters of peace


libertarian said...

Interesting. The confluence of the Dawars, Mehsuds and Wazirs does not bode well. The Pak military will never understand long-term consequences of it's jihadi and mullah coddling. Now they're going to squarely face off with them. I hope we're preparing better than lighting candles at Wagah and Jallianwala Bagh (cynical nerd would not be amused).

nukh said...

If what Salim Shehzad describes comes to pass, India better be prepared for the [inevitable] toxic spillover.

More importantly - does absence really make the heart grow fonder, gentlemen?

indianpatriot said...

Before Primary Red jumps on me as Anti American, Uncle Sam's Chickens(Jehad against Soviet Union in Afghanistan) is coming home to roost. Uncle SAM is suffering in Iraq. But no country suffered more than India in Jammu and Kashmir.

Primary Red said...

On the J&K point and India's suffering, there is little dispute.

On US & Afghanistan, you are likely right although it could be argued that this "rough beast" of violent Islamism would have engulfed these areas no matter what -- US simply used an inevitable histoical reality for its purposes.

Either way, here we are. India has to start looking beyond the lame duck state of Pakistan -- and start planning for its much worse successor(s).

Best regards

nukh said...

indian patriot,
if the "jihad" against the soviet's hadn't been instigated by sam chacha, do you think pakistan would have gone on to become a model global citizen?

btw, your quibbe reminded me of an urdu couplet -

"khudi ko kar buland itna, ki har.....khuda puche bande teri raza kya hain"

hope someone takes pity and corrects my shoddy poetry attempt...please!


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