Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Exploding General

Via CNN, Pakistan president blasts Afghan leader

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf ripped the president of neighboring Afghanistan on Sunday, telling CNN that Hamid Karzai is "totally oblivious of what is happening in his own country."

The pressure must be really hard to handle, so he takes it out on poor Hamid Karzai. What a pathetic spectacle this guy is -- what an embarrassing burden for the people of Pakistan?

(Photo courtesy: San Francisco Chronicle)


cynical nerd said...

Whew! I caught Musharraf on CNN's Wolf Blitzer - he was uncontrollably frothing his mouth against Karzai showing his ugly side again. The Afghans have been complaining about this for a long time - finally they had to time it to coincide with President Bush's visit to put pressure on Pakistan's Taliban sympathizers.

Let's see what the "core corps commanders" decide on Musharraf's fate.


libertarian said...

I find his use of percentages amusing. "200% sure" that there is a foreign hand behind the Balochi uprising. "400% sure" that Osama is not in Pakistan. "1000% (!) indeed" that the Kalabagh dam will be built. Let's just say (in our understated way) that he's a 100% doofus.

Anonymous said...

Very good analysis at rediff:

libertarian said...

anon: thanks for the link. Very thought-provoking. Here's a hint on why Mush may have lost it (discounting the possibility that he gave that interview after his nightly "peg").


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