Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Annals Of Education

Via Ananova, Pupils write with both hands simultaneously

A school in India is reportedly teaching its students to use both their hands to write on different subjects simultaneously.

All 72 pupils of the Veena Vadini School at Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh use both their hands “with equal ease”, reports Asian News International.

The school set up in 1999, for children aged between four and eight, holds its classes outdoors.
Principal Virangat Sharma said: "All the children here can write on different subjects and in different languages.

"Not just that, these children can use both their hands to write in two different languages on two different subjects at the same time."

What in God's good name is going on in Indian schools?!!

(hat tip: The Corner)


libertarian said...

This is fascinating. Much better than reading about Turkish quadrupeds! And little Kamla writes in six(!) languages - 2 simulataneously. Hope they're not using cruel and unusual methods to get their results.

Anonymous said...

One student, Kamla, said: "I know six languages - Hindi, Urdu, English, Roman, Sanskrit and Arabic. I can write in two languages at one time."

Is Roman even a real language?


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