Sunday, March 19, 2006

China's No-Go Thought Zones

Via The Times of London, Now Chinese parents must use set menu to pick baby's name

We think that denial of even such basic social freedoms as naming one's own children is an act of profound intellectual violence.

In free nations like India and US, no Government would even dare think of such profanity.

The Chinese State clearly feels it can apply partial tourniquets to its people's thought without amputating national imagination -- imagination being crucial for China's (and everyone else's) prosperity quest.

We think this is so arrogantly stupid as to defy description. When a people start walling off portions of their minds -- creating thought zones they may not visit -- they start killing off the only real resource human beings have: their ability to freely imagine their own futures, then visualizing their path to get there.

No amount of physical resource-squatting (as the Chinese State is currently engaged in) can possibly overcome the loss of free spaces in the Chinese mind.

We have deep, deep sympathy for the plight of China's people, and pray for their eventual liberation from this horrendous tyranny they must now endure.

(Hat tip: Huffington Post)


history_lover said...

I remember reading a news item according to which many West European countries also have a list of legally acceptable first names for babies.
This is presumably to prevent parents from giving thier babies stupid names.

Primary Red said...

And who is to decide what's stupid? The dictators in Beijing?

Best regards

libertarian said...

Wow. I guess changing names must also be illegal then. If this is symptomatic of other idiocies of the state, they're an accident waiting to happen.


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