Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Judiciary Watch

We've repeatedly complained about India's over-active judiciary -- it frequently involves itself (via so-called public interest litigations) in matters that correctly belong in the legislative and executive branches.

Dr. Manmohan Singh seems to agree. We hope this is the beginning of a corrective dialogue on this subject.

The PM asked if the PILs 'become a tool for obstruction, delay and sometimes even harassment and added that 'judicial activism too must be used in a restrained manner to fill up any institutional vacuum or failure and to clarify legal positions, retaining its character as a powerful but sparingly used instrument for correction.'

(Link courtesy: Outlook magazine)


froginthewell said...

On a slightly unrelated note : I don't know if it is because my observations are biased, but these days the polarizations between judges based on what one can reasonably perceive to be their political affiliations seem more apparent.

Primary Red said...

A consequence of our highly political moment, isn't it?

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