Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Culture Watch

The (lonely?) high-note at this year's Oscars was brazen hip hop in high def -- It's hard out here for a pimp -- taking home the best song award!!

We thought the song was preposterously pretty -- well deserving of its honor.

Washington Post's Philip Kennicott agrees:

A pimp complaining that "It's hard out here" has, in a single outrageous leap, passed by the issue of whether he has any right to grievance, and is demanding -- so shamelessly that it's funny -- all the perks and merits of someone who legitimately feels wronged.

Melody and femininity are intricately allied, and the union of melody to another element, words in a song, or rhythm and harmony in a symphony, has suggested sexual union throughout music history. For an attractive woman to sing "It's hard out here for a pimp" suggests that the pimp has found sympathy, against the odds, in the form of a woman who will articulate his complaints for him.

But are we meant to take this complaint seriously? The line sounds so clean, so pure in relation to the thickets of hip-hop rhythms underneath it, that it has the stylized sense of being purely ornamental, almost baroque in its detachment from everything else around it. Like a swirl of sumptuous fabric draping from an unnecessary angel in a painting by Tiepolo, it's funny by virtue of its excessive prettiness.

Now, this is real cultural revolution. Chairman Mao, eat your heart out!!


Anonymous said...

and what's an oscar winning song from America doing in a blog about right wing secularism in India?
I live in the US and have enough places to go to in order to read about this ridiculous song (such as OReilly on Fox..)
Please report topics relevant to your blog - else serious people will stop coming over..how bout writing about the varanasi bombings and the HO teesta setalvad- maybe her pimp should win a filmfare award for being the best pimp out there

Primary Red said...

Oh come on. Cut us a break would you.

Best regards


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