Friday, March 04, 2005

Keep Musharraf Out

Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf now wants to come watch cricket in India -- but only if invited.

Oh, come on. We hope no one in Delhi is seriously thinking about granting this man -- the architect of Kargil -- his wish.

In the spirit of cricket being gentleman's game, however, we have a suggestion for the General. He is welcome to follow the cricket by reading Amit on the pages of the Guardian -- or on its website given the General's own new-found passion for on-line communication!

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sydaus said...

I think u should consider dropping the word secular from your title. This word is so misused in India that it has lost its meaning. Its just a political weapon to beat the BJP with and get muslim votes. Where was secularism when Indira Gandhi so meddling in the Punjab? where was it during the Shah Bano case. As the BJP correctly says they are psuedo secular.

The BJP's rise was a direct result of the hypocrisy n double standards practised in India.
Anyway it was all overblown by the traitors on the left who have no problem dealing with the Pakistani's but treat the BJP like untouchable's. Even the most extreme BJP or RSS member is nothing compared to the average muslim leager or Pakistani in their mindset. Afterall all they got their muslim homeland but even after a full BJP term in office did we get a Hindu state? For god's sake BJP hardly did a damn thing about Ayodhya.
The fact is that as Samuel Huntington states in "Clash of Civilizations" Hindu India is the only civilization where Poltics and Religion were always separated. It is because of the aggressive nature of Christianity and Islam that the concept of secularism had to be enforced.
Thus while the BJP are called fundamentalists and communal even though they have muslims christians and Sikhs in the party and in the NDA, people like general musharaf is tagged as moderate n secular by our media and the left, even though like all pakistani' he would fiercely defend the flawed logic of the two nation theory.
I myself am secular, but partition soured everything in relation to muslim community. For example whats the differnce between a muslim in Indian Punjab or Bengal compared to one in Pakistan or Bangladesh. How can u expect them to be loyal when u know that if they had been a majority they would want to be part of Pakistan. If the Sikhs hadnt so totally cleansed east punjab, this would today be a very real issue, like it soon will be regarding the demographic changes along the India-Bangladesh border.
Yes India is multicultural and secular country but one should have no illusions about the fact that for the most part it is the glue of our collective Hinduism civilizational heritage that binds the nation together. This doesnt mean that India is exclusively Hindu but still nontheless its essentially Hindu.


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