Sunday, March 06, 2005

Indian Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

There is news today of an Indian's head being publicly chopped off by the Saudi state. The victim of this barbarism (link has a disturbing picture of similar killing) was "convicted" -- by a medieval Saudi "court" (link courtesy: Saudi Institute) -- of murdering another Indian.

Per the Rediff article, Saudis killed another Indian last month, allegedly for drug smuggling. The Indian embassy believes that man was innocent.

Quite apart from our strong opposition to capital punishment anywhere (why we still have it in India baffles us), we are appalled by the disgusting manner in which these Indians were killed by the Saudi state. We do not accept any finding of guilt by the ridiculous Saudi courts, and strongly condemn the state-sanctioned murder of Indians (and others) in that country.

We can hardly wait for the blessed day when this vicious Saudi regime -- the amputator of modernity and limbs -- is replaced, by the Saudi people, with a democratic and civilized system of governance.


Alcuin Bramerton said...

A traditional Norfolk koan may assist:

Yoghurt Shelves

A man in a grey suit
Is standing by the yoghurt shelves
In a supermarket in Cornwall.
He is looking for morphine suppositories.
This man is not the promised messiah.

More may be encountered:

Ashish Gupta said...
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Ashish Gupta said...

"We do not accept any finding of guilt by the ridiculous Saudi courts..."

This is personal view requiring no conviction.

I do not support barbaric beheading (though I espouse capital punishments), but we should take this news just that and oppose against such inhuman state sponsered punishments. Leave the part out that person convicted was Indian. He was criminal, unless you have strong reasons to believe otherwise.


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