Monday, March 21, 2005

Donkeys to Bangladesh

BBC reports that India is exporting 20 donkeys and mules to Bangladesh for the latter's transportation needs. Apparantly, Bangladesh has almost no donkeys of its own and they will be useful in the hilly region.

A government official said the terrain meant road construction was "very expensive compared to other regions".

Hopefully, India's grand gesture of exporting donkeys and mules will (at least partly) make up for New Delhi's cancellation of the Dhaka SAARC summit which greatly offended fellow bloggers like The 3rd World View!

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Rezwan said...

Ha! You think exporting is a grand gesture? You could have mentioned that if India was giving them free! And you have twisted the news. Bangladesh is considering to import to solve the transportation problem, Indian govt. has not said anything.

Many cattle and even camels are coming from India to Bangladesh through legal and illegal channels regularly to meet the domestic meat requirement. Surely the traffickers won't even bother to ask permission of the govts for Donkeys if there is a real demand.

I objected the way the cancellation of SAARC summit was cancelled (without proper communication and rather breaking the news in NDTV).

You see the problem lies with the gesture and attitude and absence of mutual respect and consideration. If India wants to play a bigger role in the region, then it needs to brush up its attitude towards the smaller neighbors. Showing of might can impose fear and deterrence but cannot win hearts and solve problems.


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