Thursday, March 17, 2005

Boycott the Musharraf Match

It's now settled. General Musharraf will soon watch one-day cricket in India.

No doubt, the Indian blogosphere will protest -- a righteous protest that'll be sadly ignored by the powers that be.

If we had the ability, we'd ask every patriotic Indian to make a small sacrifice and switch off their television on the M-day -- we'd ask them to not watch the Musharraf-sullied Match. If television audience went down measurably because of Musharraf's presence, advertisers will make sure such "diplomacy" is never repeated -- also, we'd have made a political point with great resonance.

We may not be able to get millions to observe a television black-out, but if we can persuade even a few people to forget cricket for just one day, we's have done something. We hope our fellow bloggers will join us in asking their friends and family as well to boycott this match.

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