Friday, February 24, 2006

Superpower, maybe.

Inspite of star witnesses turning hostile, we have a conviction in the Best Bakery case.


Anonymous said...

Manu sharma goes scot free because witnesses turned hostile but the best bakery folks are caught

looks like all it takes to get caught is either u have to be middle class or kill some Moslems, else u are free to do what u want

Anonymous said...

Ok. This is getting irritating. What has being a superpower got to do with acquiting or for that matter indicting criminals? Soviet Union was a superpower once but that doesn't mean it had a great legal system. China is an upcoming superpower but who knows what kind of legal system they have. Or is the title just there to show off your cynical attitude - which seems to be "so in" these days? Please note, I am not saying anything about India's status and my only objection is to your poor choice of title.

kautilya said...

Dehli-84: 3000 Killed : All Sikhs: No convicts even after 22 years

Bhagalpur-89: 1000 Killed: All Muslims : No convicts

Gujarat-03 : 59 Hindus Roasted alive: 700 Muslims Killed: 300 Hindus killed: 9 convicts and many more to go.

Range De Basanti !!! Way to go - Secular India.

Oops forgot - Assam-83,Bhiwandi-81 and Kashmir - endless


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