Monday, February 13, 2006

Puzzling Supreme Court Ruling

Via BBC, India media ban over 'toxic' ship

India's supreme court has temporarily banned all demonstrations and media articles on the decommissioned French aircraft carrier, the Clemenceau.

The ban runs until Friday and anyone breaking it will be held in contempt of court, Judge Arijit Pasayat said.

"We are shocked to find demonstrations are held and articles written, and if anyone is found to be doing so, he should prima facie be held for contempt of court and suitable action be taken against him," Judge Arijit Pasayat told the court.

We are confused by this ruling. Does India's Supreme Court really have the authority to preempt even peaceful exercise of democracy -- i.e., demonstrations over a particular matter or press reports about the same? Or is this ruling one more example of judicial overreach which -- unfortunately -- is not atypical in India?

Can someone who understands Indian law please explain this to us.

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Primary Red said...

Mercifully, the court's writ does not extend to suppressing freedom of expression abroad!

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