Monday, February 13, 2006

The Next POTUS?

It's early yet to predict who will emerge the next President of the United States.

Still, keen observers are taking notes.

In our mind, Mark Warner (recently retired governor of Virginia) is the clear front-runner.

He is a democrat governor from a predominantly republican state. Post-Kennedy in 1960, only southern democrat governors (Carter, Clinton) have won the presidency, while multiple northern senators have lost. Even Kennedy won by taking on Lyndon Johnson from Texas as his running mate.

Warner is a fresh face, very attractive speaker, immensely competent, and wildly popular in conservative Virginia. Needless to say, his appeal can overcome the stale red-blue divide that's marked the last two elections. We think he can beat anyone republicans can put up in opposition.

With a running mate from Pennsylvania or Ohio, Mr. Warner can take the presidency quite easily. Mrs. Clinton will have money -- but nothing quite like this winning formula.

We are usually pro-republican -- but, at this early stage, our money is on Mark Warner.

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