Saturday, February 11, 2006

Disgrace In Indonesia

Via BBC, Danes in Indonesia 'under threat'

While the cartoons in question were clearly bigoted, the violence in response is barbaric.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan comes to mind:

bas hamein shaikh ji aap jaise
Allah walon se Allah bachaye

Update: Read also Nonie Darwish in The Telegraph We were brought up to hate - and we do (link courtesy: National Review)

It's time for Arabs and Muslims to stand up for their families. We must stop allowing our leaders to use the West and Israel as an excuse to distract from their own failed leadership and their citizens' lack of freedoms. It's time to stop allowing Arab leaders to complain about cartoons while turning a blind eye to people who defame Islam by holding Korans in one hand while murdering innocent people with the other.

Muslims need jobs - not jihad. Apologies about cartoons will not solve the problems. What is needed is hope and not hate. Unless we recognise that the culture of hate is the true root of the riots surrounding this cartoon controversy, this violent overreaction will only be the start of a clash of civilizations that the world cannot bear.

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libertarian said...

Nonie Darwish's hits the nail on the head. Distract everyone from the elephants in the room. The hypocrisy of these regimes is mind-boggling - the inability of the people to question them quite puzzling.


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