Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mick & Sania

Rolling Stones just performed at the Superbowl -- Sir Mick remains timeless & cool!

Then we asked ourselves, is there an Indian -- any Indian -- who carries his/her unrelenting cool like the Stones?

Sania maybe -- among Indians, she alone struts her swagger on the world stage and outcools her billion compatriots. Is anyone else as brash, as tough, and as entirely worthy?

Ideas invited.


Anonymous said...

Sania?!>! Blah...
Sir Mick? you'd be fortunate if he didn't forget his words, and Keith played all his parts!

libertarian said...

Priyanka Chopra. She's cool while she's *hot* - oh, wait, that's her line from Aitraaz :-)

PR: disagree with you on Sir Mick. Pretended to embody the sentiment of "sticking it to The Man" - then knelt before royalty, and graciously accepted a favor. Not cool.

froginthewell said...

PR, I can't prove what I am going to say, but I don't think you would have written such a post if Sania was a man. I find a statement like "She outcools her billion compatriots" offensive - apart from being a purely emotional and unsubstantiated one. For instance why not Vishwanathan Anand?

Primary Red said...


Is Anand really cool?! Smart maybe, but cool?

We like Sania not because she's pretty, but because she's got oodles of attitude.

But, hey, cool is in the eye of the beholder.

Best regards

libertarian said...

Amitabh of yester-year would have been cool.

CN: to echo your point, I once heard a woman from Somalia talking incessantly about Amitabh and then sing a Hindi song she did not know the meaning of. Persian/Iranian friends of mine tell me that the Bollywood is all the rage there.

Kartikeya Date said...

I have no idea why watching the Rolling Stones made you wonder if anyone in India was just as cool.

I agree with your point about Sania Mirza though - Shes definitely cool. Froginthewall makes the interesting observation that your choice of Sania Mirza is a function of her gender.

The only way to assuage such a position would be to suggest a male counterpart to the phenonmenon that is Sania Mirza - how about Zakir Hussein?

Primary Red said...

Zakir Hussein is a great suggestion!

Best regards

Suresh ET said...

Sania Mirza is cool and Vishy is not?
That is the lamest comment ever. May be Vishy needs to get all gay and busty, heck who cares about the game? Sania is plain arrogant for what she has achieved so far, and the media just puts her on the pedastal all the time. She doesn't have any attitude , read her interviews, she sounds like Mallika Sherawat.
{{cool is in the eye of the beholder}}- yeah it's also in the top of my refrigerator - Whatever man!
As your blog's name indicates may be she's cool because she's a Muslim. It's always a secular thing to praise people from the minority religions. Oh yeah it's cool too.

Primary Red said...


We assume you haven't read this blog over time. If you had, you wouldn't have made the inane comment you have.

We didn't once bring up Ms. Mirza's faith, you did. If we can be accused of pandering simply because we like someone who happens to be Muslim -- a fact that is irrelvant to our thinking -- then, what are you guilty of for bringing up her faith without provocation?

Best regards.

Suresh ET said...

Sure, you didn't bring up her faith I did, that doesn't change anything. The fact that Paes and Bhupathi (even during their peak years) were not surrounded by this kind of media adulation and hype gives out the inherent nature of certain inclinations we make.
Even today we have people like Pankaj Advani, Joshna Chinnappa who are doing outstanding jobs in their fields. And Sania on the other hand has just been an average player in her sport, extraordinary by Indian standards perhaps. And yet you put her right on top - celebrating mediocrity.

Hey look at us we are Indians, and here we have Sania - ranked 32nd in WTA - the coolest in India.

Besides what's wrong in bringing up her 'faith'? may be I cannot prove that's why she's getting all the attention in Media and to an extent the general public, but you cannot disprove it either - It's debatable and hence not inane as you claim it to be. Oh yeah she's a lot more glamorous than others and hence a better selling product for the media (tabloids don't care about her religion after all).
{{a fact that is irrelvant to our thinking}} - Why should anyone believe it? To quote from a journal of anthropology "Researchers' personalities, cultural orientations, social statuses, political philosophies, and life experiences will colour how they interpret other cultures." We are all socialized in to believing something and after sometime it gets so deeply burried that we cannot even accept the possibility of that being the driving force behind some of our decisions/ideas/opinions.
{{what are you guilty of for bringing up her faith without provocation?}} - you don't need to be provoked to bring it up. Why is religion/faith always equated with a source of provocation? And what I'm guilty of? - deconstructing your idea with a right-wing perspective.

On a lighter note: I thought Zakir Hussain was an excellent suggestion but as with Amitabh's case he's a bit too old now.

Primary Red said...


Just to be clear, we are plenty on the political right ourselves -- if you have the opportunity to read this blog, you'll likely find many areas (if not most) where we are even farther to the right than most people who claim such label.

This is why, pegging us with our traditional secular-left is invalid.

Best regards

Suresh ET said...


I haven't read a lot of posts in this blog yet and I would love to when I could make time. And in the ones that I have read so far I didn't find anything particularly leftist, but this post however, has a shade of it (whether intended or not) and as frog has mentioned, a bit gender biased too.
Anyway, I guess my posts were also a reaction of what I was witnessing in the media in general, never mind.


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