Friday, November 19, 2004

Whose blog is this?

This is a blog for, and of, secular-right Indians.

We are rain-makers and opinion shapers. We are tech-savvy and globally mobile.

We are nationalists and hawks. We believe in a strong military.

We are fiscal conservatives. We believe in a small but effective government.

We are socially liberal. We abhor religious and social bigotry.

We are not of the secular-left, neither of the religious-right. Our politics are secular-right.

This is our blog.


Nitin said...


Great blog, I got here via Ashish's Niti. But why anonymous? Opinion shapers, nationalists, hawks, fiscal conservatives and social liberals dont look good when they are anonymous.


Primary Red said...

Hi Nitin:

Thanks for your generous comment.

The ideas on this page matter more than the people behind them -- our identities are irelevant as long as we can have a rich discussion here.

Best regards.


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