Friday, November 26, 2004


Khalid Hassan discusses India's attitude towards Kashmir in this week's Friday Times (The Kashmir Mirage).

In this discussion, he quotes from a August 25th, 1952 letter from Pt. Nehru to Sheikh Abdullah:

We are superior to Pakistan in military and industrial power. But that superiority is not so great as to produce results quickly in war or by fear of war. Therefore, our national interest demands that we should adopt a peaceful policy towards Pakistan and, at the same time, add to our strength. Strength ultimately comes not from defence forces, but the industrial and economic background behind them. As we grow in strength, and we are likely to do so, Pakistan will feel less and less inclined to threaten or harass us, and a time will come when, through sheer force of circumstances, it will be in a mood to accept a settlement which we consider fair, whether in Kashmir or elsewhere.

His sentiments are obviously widely shared -- today, 52 years later.

In our view, India is not merely superior to Pakistan in military and industrial power, it is also superior as a political system. While the former allow us to dictate a solution, it is the latter that gives us the moral basis to do so.


Splatterbottom said...

I don't know a lot about Kashmir, but it seems to me that much of the trouble springs from an unwillingness on the part of the Indians to allow the Kasmiris to make up their own minds.

The idea that "our system is good for you even if you don't want it" really doesn't sound right to me.

Maybe a vote of Kashmiris would help.

Care India said...

I do not believe India is some charity show or an apple pie that it can be cut into pieces to please a section. On this planet, there will always be some section somewhere in some country who will be wanting more but that should not be the basis for seperate land. Kashmiris have been given absolute freedom under the constitution to excercise their rights but it should be within the constitutional limits just like other states. It makes perfect sense to me.


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