Friday, April 14, 2006


The perennial Indian obsession with reservations is back and, unsurprisingly, generating a great deal of heat.

Personally, we are strongly opposed to quotas and reservations -- these are highly inefficient and profoundly immoral means of trying to correct real and perceived inequities in our society.

Having said this, we see little value in expressing stale lament over Government's attitude on this subject. Our politics have long since fallen to the seductive and poisonous embrace of brazen populism -- this strategy is a vote-winner, hence nothing else really matters.

Frankly, what reservation opponents ought to be doing is not protesting Government's predictable senselessness, instead constructively engaging the purported beneficiaries of its myopic approach on why we think this is counterproductive.

Given our democracy and our demographics, persuasion is the only real way to win this valid battle. This long-term process will be costly -- we'll probably lose IITs, for example, as the genius factories that they used to be -- but this would be a cost worth bearing if we ultimately convince the vast majority of Indians that reservations are profoundly violent to the spirit of our equalizing constitution.

If we fail, unfortunately, so will India.


Harshvardhan Agrawal said...

what u say is right but to convince a person who will not listen to you is next to impossible. same is the case with our politicians.

lets take my example:
I cleared my 10th std in 2000 with 81% and was very happy, but when i went to Bhavans college(andheri,mumbai) for admission is science i missed out the race by just 2 marks..........but a classmate of mine got the admission with just 57%.reason he had quota for caste in the education system.
the same goes for higher education many students lose the race to get into medical and engineering just because they dont belong to a particular caste.
We say that India is a secular country, country which doesnt discriminate among its citizen on the basis of the caste....but what gobernment is doing by this reservation is exactly opposite to the very meaning of secular.
I have seen many students getting into engineering on the basis of caste and then dropping out of it just because they cant cope up with the pressure of engineering.

when i joined an engineering college there were many students along with me who got admission on the basis of caste, but many of them dropped out and still many lying in the first and second year itself trying to clear their backlog.

why do u need reservations for socially backward classes in higher education. after say 12th their should be no reservations and admission should be only on the basis of the merit.

government claim that reservation is to remove the social injustice, but by this move the government is doing social injustice to other caste.

also government is planning for reservation of jobs in private sector, if that happens tell me which MNC will set up shop in a country where u are forced to pick up employee who are not competant enough to do the job.

i am sure if this happens then all the projections about India becoming an super power by .... year will never come true and india will remain a poor country.
always because some people know that even if do nothing there are reservations for us and we will get thru are life some how.

solution to this could be like exempting the fees of such candidates who are unable to their fees due to financial constraints.

froginthewell said...

we'll probably lose IITs, for example, as the genius factories that they used to be

Will the change be effected by increasing the number of seats or by sacrificing some of the general category seats? In the former case I don't think we will lose IITs as genius factories. The change will still be damaging because it will spoil the OBCs, viz. the rich among them who are as well off as the general middle class will lose their incentive to study, while the genuinely under-privileged anyway ( in general ) will not be able to beat the rich ( due to lack of equal facilities ) to make it to the IITs etc.


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