Saturday, April 15, 2006

Heartburn In Pakistan

If the Indo-US deal is so terrible for India, how come there is such stupefied heartburn among Pakistani commentators?

Daily Times' Khalid Hasan is even reduced to parroting the lunatic Vladimir Zhirinovsky's vile outbursts against Condi Rice. Lost your own tongue, Khalid?!!!


Anonymous said... let me get this right : are you suggesting that we now depend upon the judgement of *Pakistanis* to infer how good/bad the deal is?

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the possiblity that
a)Pakistanis are idiots
b)The US secretly told Pakistanis to say this betting on exactly the kind of reaction that you have to divert the Indians' attention from rationally analyzing the deal
c)Pakistanis are motivated more by preserving hyphenation and pseudo-equality with India and therefore don't want India to get any deal at all, no matter how bad. After all, even a bad deal puts India squarely above Pakistan and unequivocally de-hyphenates them out of a relationship with the US
d)Paksitanis are making such loud noises to get a similarly bad deal for themselves

BTW, the both links point to the same article by Khalid Hasan who is just spouting venom against Rice as a person. Conspicuously missing from the article is any analysis of the nuclear deal itself.

Anuj said...

Given Ms.Rice's attractiveness [Yes, I said it] - My guess is that she spurned Mr.Hassan during one of her pit stops in Pakistan.
How else can you explain such a petulant screed?

well they're mullahs.. said...

I'm appalled that this article has actually appeared in a national newspaper (even if its Pakistan), damn, rediff is after all not the only place for poorly written articles.

"petulant screed"? - looks like somebody's preparing for GRE or has forgot to forget using pompous phrases after GRE was over.

Anonymous said...

Poor Khalid.
At times he has alos been labelled an Indian stooge - only cos he shared the dias with a 'peace' activist.

I wonder what hurts him more...that Pak is flushing itself or that he has no credibility left anywhere.

libertarian said...

Just read Khalid's outburst. He's a raving lunatic. He picked the wrong side (Pakistan) several years ago and is living to bitterly regret it.


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