Thursday, April 20, 2006

China Hu?

Even as President Bush greets President Hu at the White House, Washington's elite wake up to Jim Hoagland's essay reminding them of Bush's Indian Ally -- our visionary Prime Minister.

Great timing indeed.


Anonymous said...

I do not understand why the Indians are obsessed with the Chinese. It is a Communist dictatorship with many internal contradictions. It shall collapse under the weight of these contradictions.

Look at the extent to which the Chinese go to censor free speech. The arrest of the blogger. Control over google searches. All of these efforts will eventually come to naught. Just as the tank MAn prevailed from stopping a tank on that fateful day so will democracy prevail one day. The Chinese will have to tear down that FIREWALL.

libertarian said...

Excellent article. In hindsight, the only surprise is it's taken us this long to get this far.

anonymous: the Chinese will certainly pay the "democracy tax" sooner or later. Disagree that it will collapse under the weight of it's internal contradictions. Unlike fractious, noisy India, they have been a single empire (through long-lived dynasties) for over 2000 years. The communist dictatorship is the new avatar of the empire concept. Either the Chinese people are not straining at the bit as much we expect in freer societies - or their information-suppression is more effective than expected.


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