Friday, April 14, 2006

Darkness In Delhi

Via New York Times, Attack at Main Mosque in New Delhi

This joins the long list of disgraceful assaults on our places of worship -- from Akshardham to Varanasi to, now, the Jama Masjid, we've been witnessing an unrelenting assault on basic human decency.

Hopefully, all Indians will join together to condemn this latest barbarity.


Anuj said...

Primary -
I may sound a tad touchy, but have to ask - Why are you "hoping" that all Indians will condemn the Jama Masjid blast?
Do you have reason to believe otherwise?

Primary Red said...

Not really -- it was just a manner of speech.

Best regards.

libertarian said...

PR: was in Delhi (and driving in the Jama Masjid) area when then blasts occurred. Buzz around the masjid was that it may have been internal politics.


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