Sunday, July 17, 2005

Yet Another Terror Apologist

The following excerpt is from a Humayun Gauhar column in the Pakistani daily, Daily Nation. That such vile nonsense finds publication in Pakistan, circa 2005, should tell us enough about the state of public discourse there.

Telltale signs of Mossad’s pernicious presence in the 9/11 attacks remain, as they do in the Turkish synagogue bombing. But they are all glossed over, and we are ridiculed for being conspiracy theorists. There is such a thing as agent provocateurs who inveigle frustrated, impressionable and not very intelligent minds into believing that they are actually Al Qaeda when they may actually be Mossad, into carrying out these attacks. There is great wisdom in some old sayings, and I leave you with one of them. Who benefits from the crime? A truthful answer to the question will lead you to the wellspring of this evil.

If the British people really want to prevent the consequences of evil from visiting them again, they should force their government to do what Spain did after the Madrid train bombing - get out of Iraq and detach their country from America’s perfidious foreign policy. It only brings harm to you. Remember you are no longer a superpower. Don’t try to be one. There is no great merit in being a superpower anyway, for superpowers have regularly blazed across the pages of history for a while and then died from their own crimes and contradictions. History bears witness to this in every single instance.

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reformist_muslim said...

Hey, thanx for the message. Firstly I think that sometimes you tend to extrapolate the fringes of the left into anyone on that side of the political spectrum thereby ignoring for example thoughtful opposition to the war in Iraq.(I was against it :p)

Having said that, your analysis of this particular piece is spot on. I'm in Pakistan right now and seriously thinking of writing a piece along the lines of 'Bye Bye Chomsky'.

I don't mind people reading him but him and his followers are elevated to prophet status and there is very little diversity of opinion on foreign affairs issues. For example I don't think anyone has an idea of Christopher Hitchens views on Iraq.

The really frustrating thing though is that almost all of the educated, intelligent people that I know also share the America/Oil/Mossad/Netanyahu/'Who Benefits' view of the world. They are by no means extremists.

People speak of the battle between moderate and extremist Muslims but with what I've outlined above it makes me think that unless something is done about Palestine(yes that again) there will be no battle as reform minded people will simply have no ammunition.


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