Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Week For The History Books

It's only Thursday, yet this week has seen more portentous developments than its fair share. Just consider these headlines whose implications could ripple through our lives over decades:

Welcome to the nuclear club
US to allies: Don't make a fuss of Indo-US ties
IAEA's ElBaradei hails US-India accord on N-energy

Saudi ambassador to US Bandar bin Sultan resigns

China Severs Its Currency's Peg to Dollar

John Roberts Chosen by Bush for US Supreme Court, CNN Says


Anonymous said...

I'd have thought you would be more responsible than put words in the Economist's mouth. Coming, as it does, on the heels of excellent pieces on Indian foreign policy goals, terrorism, jihad, and reformation of muslims/islam.

I was surprised to see the "Welcome to the nuclear club" tagline. Hurried to have a look, but all it says is "Together at last".

Primary Red said...

Oh, come on. Economist changed their lead after we linked to them. See cached version here:

Give us a little credit for integrity, won't you?

Best regards.

Anonymous said...


I did give you some credit, which was why I said "I'd have thought you would be more responsible than put words in the Economist's mouth"

Anyway, the link you put up dint show it, maybe you were referring to this one instead?

Anonymous said...

Anyway, considering that the economist is saying it, it should mean something. (dont mean to give the economist any undue importance, i just consider it to be something that's consistently unfair - to India)


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