Sunday, July 31, 2005

Song And Memory

For all his much-professed contempt for Bollywood, whenever this NRI blogger pines to be in an India state of mind, he reluctantly falls back on the songs he heard on Vividh Bharati growing up.

It isn't Indian food or Indian Express or even all the awesome Indian blogs he reads daily but Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, and sometime Asha ji, who transports his mind back home!!

This is not fair -- evil Bollywood has infected even the idyllic memory of our homeland. Darn!!!


doubtinggaurav said...

"Aji ruthker humse kidhar jayeega, jidhar jayeega humein payeega"

Laks said...

I start my day by tuning to the streaming audio at musicindiaonline. they have a great collection of old songs.

Primary Red said...

Cool. Will check it out. Thanks, Laks.

Laks said...
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Laks said...

PR: Yesterday I was talking with some students from Middle East, South East Asia. They all adore the latest Bollywood flicks and these films have a successful following. I was very surprised to hear this. I think it really has a pan-Asian appeal. They said that it has "family values", no "dark stories", beatiful people, beautiful locations, etc. This might as well be the beginning of a Pax Indica ;-)

K said...

Well from Africa to Oceania - Bollywood is India. And like you miss the classic singers, I am sure younger expats miss well the tripe they listen to. Then again, I'm here and new Bollywood music (with a few notable exceptions) is tripe. Heck, I MISS Bollywood Classics sitting in India, and I wasn't even born when most of these guys churned out their best stuff.

Primary Red said...


Given all this, it seems like our fondness for Bollywood is really our pining for our idyllic childhood.

It also means that for people not brought up on this tripe, there is little redeeming value in it. So, if Bollywood is India, we are in real trouble!!

Best regards.


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