Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Jewel In The Cobra's Mouth

McGill University's professor Eric Ormsby reviews The Clay Sanskrit Library, a compilation of masterpieces in Sanskrit poetry, drama and prose in a dual-language format. Great stuff.

For example, here's Bhartrihari translated:

Armlets do not embellish a man,
Nor necklaces bright as the moon,
Nor a bath, nor ointment, nor flowers,
Nor well-adorned hair.
Only perfectly cultivated speech
Thoroughly adorns a man.
All adornments fade away always.
Adornment of speech is the real adornment.

Why don't Indians author such translations of Sanskrit classics? Or perhaps they do -- but are not as well publicized. Any thoughts?

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Huvishka said...

I remember learning subhashitas while in my high school and its one I thoroughly enjoyed learning.
The one that you referenced in your blog, I remember learning with fond memories. Unfortunately, I don't remember the Sanskrit verse anymore but would love if someone would transilerate.


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