Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cool News From Pakistan

Via BBC comes this cool story about women cadets in Pakistani Airforce.

From a nation where fanatics assault women for running in marathons, this is truly an impressive advance. Cadet Saba Khan says:

I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, and eventually with Allah's wish and the full support of my parents, I made it this far.

Cadet Saman Ahmed says:

We don't expect compassion, we don't get compassion, and we don't want compassion.

They have the right attitude and hopefully will go far. We wish them the very best in their careers.

One caveat though. If they ever find themselves in dogfights against their Indian counterparts, we'd be forced to root for their jets to be shot down and destroyed -- without mercy. Until then, they have our maximum support for success.

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sudeep said...

There are very real reasons why women are not usually allowed to be Fighter Pilots. For e.g. ejection seats are designed to work for 5th to 95th percentile of male body weights. If someone has a lighter body weight and ejects, it is likely that they will get a fatal injury. Then theres the matter of being able to withstand high gs.

This is nothing but a PR stunt by the Pakistanis. Lets see how far they go.


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