Tuesday, May 03, 2005

General Aurora R.I.P.

1971 war hero Lt General J S Aurora dead

General Jagjit Singh Aurora led India to its single most significant post-independence victories in war.

That war of Bangladesh's liberation was unilateral, not supported by other great powers, without UN sanction, and -- in history's eyes -- entirely legitimate. India has lost the spirit of '71 somewhat in recent years; perhaps General Aurora' passing will remind us again of that year of our moral & political triumph.


amit said...

A true warrior Departs- A grateful Nation Mourns

My 3 uncle fought the 71 war and they still remember the heady feeling of creating a independent country with military might. Something which even Americans could not do in Vietnam.

The country thus made is "ungrateful" is another issue.

General Aurora R.I.P

Nitin said...

Looks like we did an identical post :-)

Primary Red said...


Great minds ...!!!



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