Monday, May 08, 2006


I was informed last week that this blog will be shut down. I had started to blog in October, 2005 and enjoyed the experience. The thrill is in the readership. I must thank each of you.

I will continue to post elsewhere as "Jaffna".

Let me end my stint here with a quote from the 6th century BC Chinese classic, the Tao Te Ching.

"The wise leader knows,
When enough is enough.

Stretch a bow too far
And it will snap.

Sharpen a knife too much,
And its edge will not last.

Fill your house with gold and jade,
And you can not defend it.

Exalting in your success,
Invites a certain fall.

When your work is done,
It is time to move on".

Tao Te Ching - verse 9.


Kathiawadi said...

From tomorrow, something will be missing at my breakfast.

This has been a good platform for me to know and, at a lesser extent, discuss India related issues.

I look forward toreading your posts at reading you somewhere else, Jaffna.

Thank you.

Kathiawadi said...

I can't write 3 sentences without making mistakes; how am I going to discuss issues :-(

Anonymous said...

We look forward to your new blog. Keep up the excellent posts. I really liked them. Lucid and engaging. Good luck.

doubtinggaurav said...


I enjoyed both your posts and ensuing discussion.

It will not be an exaggeration for me to say you along with Nitin Pai and Atanu Dey provide the most insightful analysis of the issues related to as diverse subject as history , geopolitics and Indian subcontinent.

I hope you will continue blogging.
I eagerly look forward to your new abode.


doubtinggaurav said...


If I may suggest may be you can repost your post from this blog at someother place.


dipendra said...

Jaffna: Each and every post of yours were valuable including this one with a wonderful Chinese quote. I will miss your thought provoking posts.

Your posts on Baltistan, Azad Baluchistan, East Turkestan, not to mention the posts on Indic mercantalism, critique on Nehru, reservations were simply brilliant. Thanks for sharing your deep knowledge on these issues.

I hope you'll get to blog elsewhere like with cynical nerd or something like that.


Pankaj said...


In these few months, you have made yourself indispensable in the Indian blogosphere. Wherever you may go, we will keep a hawks eye on you.

Best Regards.

Jaffna said...

Dear Kathiawadi, Gaurav, Dipendra, Pankaj and Anonymous,

Many many thanks for the kind words. I will continue to post somewhere and look forward to an engaged discussion on current affairs with each of you.

Best regards

froginthewell said...

blogosphere-mAmaNiyE, mikavum nanRi. Looking forward to your new blog.

Raj Mehta said...

Jaffna , allow me to suggest a name for your new blog ...

Like it ?

But why is this blog being shut down ? I think this is easily one of the most popular Indian blogs out there...I just dont get it.

Kaunteya said...

was it the difference of opinion between contributors that led to the closure?
diverse views are the flavours of any good forum.
too bad, this had to end.

Pavan said...

This is a shame. I was only introduced to this blog earlier this month, and being an NRI from the age of 6 to 21 I greatly appreciated each thoughtful and information packed post. I learned a great deal from reading this and while I have disagreed with a lot of it, I appreciate an intelligent opinion when I see it.
I do hope you make sure to tell us where you are moving to before this place does get closed down.

RS said...

Does closing down mean deleting this blog? I hope not. Pls leave it as it is in the blogosphere for future references. This is a goldmine of information for the not so well read.
Jaffna, I loved ur posts immensly but never made any comments on them. Pls do leave your new address here so we dont miss any of your posts.
BTW, I would suggest you teaming up with Nitin(TheAcorn). Thats my first read every day.

In The Shadows said...

>> I was informed last week that this blog will be shut down.

Who is closing it down. And if you, why are you doing it. Come on, who will represent people like us. :-) The blogosphere is filled with liberal terrorists.

Jaffna said...

Dear colleagues,

I would post at this address henceforth.

Best regards

Anuj said...

Two of my favourite bloggers coming together !!

Great news, Jaffna.

Sid D H Arthur said...

As a Bangladeshi blogger I found this place to educational, insightful and a damn good read. I hope you keep us posted with your new blogging projects on this space.

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