Monday, May 01, 2006

Hanging Up

Blogging has been slow lately.

This blogger's time's been at a steep premium and he's been traveling much on work. But more importantly, his zest for blogging has faded.


Because nothing ever changes and politics' become a bore.

Because summer is here, finally -- convertibles and surf trump politics and prose!

Its been fun talking with you all, and reading your views. Its been a useful experiment. But this is where the road ends for this amateur blogger. Maybe a future guest post or two, here or there, but that's really it.



Anonymous said...

How can you give up so easily on politics? You want sacrifice politics for sun n surf: I never thought that you are a RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW type of a guy. Sorry to say, I was wrong.

Lexington Green said...

I have enjoyed your blog.

I too have experienced blogging burnout.

You start to run out of things to say. Or other, newer, more enthusiastic people come along, and it seems like it is their turn to do it.

Good luck.

Kumar said...


I'm sorry to see you put away the keyboard. 'Secular-Right' is underrepresented in the Indian political arena and your blog made for interesting reading--even when we disagreed (intelligent design and all that).

All that said, have fun in the sand 'n surf.


Patrix said...

Sad to see you go. Have loved featuring your posts on DesiPundit.

Primary Red said...

Thanks very much for your generous notes.

Best regards

W.NM. said...


Said to see you go as I have enjoyed your postings. Hopefully, after some time off you will consider returning refreshed and ready for another round.

Best wishes,


Sanjay said...

I would suggest take a break from blogging. Eventhough this is my first comment, I would suggest continuing to blog about once a week because the stuff discussed on this journal is very interesting and necessary in order to educate people like me who share the same views as the writers on this journal. Indian media doesn't cover Indian history in a way that secular right does. I sincerely hope the blogging continues. S

Nanda Kishore said...

PR, hopefully I'll come around to see more of your incisive posts. Most of all, I enjoyed your style - you would have made a fine columnist, but then columnists don't do much, do they?

Hopefully, you'll change your mind about neo-conservatism and your support of the Iraq invasion :)

In the meantime, Jaffna will entertain us splendidly.

Best of luck.

Raj Mehta said...

Primary Red - I have been a regular lurker here for the last year. I would be sorry to see you go. Hope the others - Jaffna and co. wont quit on us yet.

Upright Videos said...

Is this a publicity stunt?,

Just Kidding...... ;)

Iam a regular visitor of secular-right and shocked to see a columnist's reluctance to blog. Hope the other columnists can nurture our way of thinking in foreign affairs.