Sunday, October 08, 2006

Justice, Not Vengeance

Just a few words supporting the commutation of Mohammad Afzal's death sentence.

This blogger has no personal view on Afzal's guilt except to note that he has been convicted through our process of law -- which is how we settle such issues in democratic India.

Afzal's guilt, therefore, is not an issue at all.

The the only issue is the manner in which we should treat such terrorists.

Executing Afzal does little to advance justice any more than his lifetime incarceration. Why then should his evil blood be on the hands of the good citizens of India? For vengeance?

Forgiveness is surely a greater virtue than vengeance. This blogger hopes that India will act accordingly -- with greatness and mercy.

Let's also join most leading democracies by abolishing capital punishment in India.


kakkaji said...

so he should be released in the community?

Primary Red said...

As the note said, lifetime incarceration.

Best regards

kakkaji said...

I will be a devil's advocate here..
If he is in jail with other inmates he can influence and spread his message to several others. Unless he stays in total isolation, he can always create problem.

Anonymous said...

Unless he stays in total isolation, he can always create problem.

even in isolation what is the guarantee that he will not inspire other killings and kidnappings, which demand his release as ransom? on the other hand, his death may lead to his martyrdom... so damned if you do, damned if you don't!

Anonymous said...

Mercy is for humans, and terrorists like Afzal are NOT humans. They deserve to die.

"Human" rights don't apply to people who kill innocents and attack freedom.

Try telling the relatives and friends of those who died defending the Parliament to feel mercy. Would you be merciful if a near or dear one had been killed by a terrorist?

Anonymous said...

Keeping Afzal alive means asking for a repeat of the Indian Airlines Flight 814 hijack.

All terrorists should be summarily executed!

Indaus said...

In the previous post, you spoke of the need for India to show a tough response to terrorism, so that the res of the world doesnt perceive India to be a soft state.
Well what would be a more appropiate respose than executing Afzal to show that India means bidness.

Primary Red said...

Killing people in custody surely does not imply toughness.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Primary Red -

Please make up your mind. If you support forgiving Afzal, urge his release. Not lifelong incarceration, which some, maybe including Afzal, consider much worse than death.

Nam said...

Why should a terrorist be fed through the taxpayers of Indians while other Indians are starved? I think he should be swiftly executed to set an example to other Islamic terrorists to stay away from messing with India, and to think twice before perpetrating their heineous crimes on India. Remember that these terrorists will come back to attack us. They only understand one language - harshness, and they should be taught a lesson in their own terms. Mercy is only for the derserving. Arundhati Roy should go get her brains checked.

Vignesh said...

I think, leaving the ethical concerns aside for the moment, what if another kandahar like event occurs?? That another plane may be hijacked demanding release of afzal guru. Therefore, he should be hanged at least for the sake of security of our nation.