Monday, January 31, 2005

Welcome to Our Free World, Iraq

The successful weekend elections in Iraq have vindicated all supporters of the America-led Arab Middle East reform initiative.

Early figures show that 57% of Iraqis voted in face of vile bullying from the terrorists.

These voters are the true freedom fighters -- for, their bravery will lead to enhanced freedom for all Iraqis. The so-called insurgents -- terrorists really -- in contrast, offer only chains as their vision for Iraq, and the broader Ummah.

How anybody -- especially Indian liberals -- can empathize with these terrorists or believe that these murderers carry the voice of Iraqi people is beyond us. Hopefully, they are now disabused of their false impressions.

We will, alas, hear from defeatists across the globe who will point out the only 25% Sunni participation in the weekend poll. We've heard their voices before -- in Kashmir, where they have condemned free elections because turnout was "low". In face of dire terrorist threats -- as the Sunnis faced in Iraq, and Kashmiris face daily -- any turnout is remarkable, an act of incalculable bravery. The election critics, instead of condemning the freedom-abating terrorists, inexplicably turn their rhetorical guns on the forces of freedom. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Here's raising a toast to the brave and freedom-embracing Iraqi people. Welcome to our free world.

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